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Michigan Cherry Wine-Your favorite cherry flavored Cabernet straight out of the cherry capital of Michigan!

Michigan Cherry Cinnamon Rolls-Sweet cherry mingled with the best cinnamon roll you have ever eaten.

Michigan Cherry Crumb Pie-Think cherries, think pie, say no more...delicious! 

Michigan Cherry Hazelnut Latte-Your favorite hot latte with just the perfect amount of cherry!

Fresh Coast-A wonderful clean scent -- crisp ozone, salty sea air & driftwood mixes with citrus, crisp pine needles & balsalm, sweet berries, warm spices and vanilla musk. 

Great Lakes: Unsalted & Shark Free-A nice blend of water, beach, wood & clean air. Lovers of clean scents snatch this scent up on the first sniff!

Great Lakes Girl-Description coming soon!

Smitten with the MItten-Rich vanilla and sugar cane and a wisp of warm winds with cypress fir, rosemary sprigs, sugar mint, oak moss and dark teak gives this scent a warm & cozy twist.


Baked Apples-Freshly picked apples blended with the warm spices of cinnamon, nutmeg and clove. 

Banana Caramel Cupcake-A gooey hot caramel and fresh roasted peanuts with just a hint of banana.

Best Friends-Boysenberries, elderberries, strawberries, guava and pomegranate with a down of soft vanilla.

Black Raspberry Vanilla-An enticing blend of blackberries and raspberries, with middle notes of white floral greenery, and bottom notes of musk and vanilla.

Blueberry Cheesecake-Rich sweetened cream cheese notes are perfectly balanced with mouthwatering blueberries.

Blueberry Cobbler-Baked vanilla and mouthwatering blueberries. This has become a Best Seller!

Boxers or Briefs-An enticing mix of soft sandalwood and tangy lemon zests with fresh floral and soft musk. 

Caramel Orange Danish-A gooey hot caramel mixed with the yummiest orange cake. TOP SELLER!

Caramel Pecan Cookie-This is our #1 SELLER! A gooey hot caramel and fresh roasted peanuts! 

Cinnamon Rolls-Guests will think you have baked cinnamon rolls fresh from the oven…even you might be fooled!

Cinnamon Stix-Spicy and fragrant, exactly like real cinnamon!

Cinnamon Whiskey-A true whiskey scent with potent alcohol notes, you can even smell the rich oak barrel it was aged in, enhanced with the perfect amount of spicy cinnamon.

Cinnamon Zucchini Muffins-A classic sweet bread spiced with cinnamon, sugar and nutmeg.

Creamy Pina Colada-A tropical combination of sweet pineapple and coconut.

Domestic Goddess-Think of piles of just finished fresh laundry accented lightly with a sweet blend of pomegranate, citrus, creamy berries & musk with a touch of vanilla sugar.

Double Stuff Cookie- That classic chocolate sandwich cookie that must be enjoyed with a cold glass of milk for dipping. 

Fruit Loopy Cheesecake-The classic fruity ring cereal of our youth enhanced with a sweet creamy cheesecake note. Destined to be a top seller.

Gourmet Coffee Shoppe-The aroma of fresh brewed espresso capped with steamed milk and a hint of roasted hazelnut.

Hippie Chick-An earthy blend of fresh patchouli, herbal sandalwood with hints of strawberry & raspberry with bottom notes of fresh vanilla & peppermint leaf.

Italian Limoncello-Sweet and sour blend of fresh lemons, cane sugar and a hint of lemon zest, inspired by Italy's beloved Limoncello drink.

Juicy Pineapple-Sweet, juicy pineapple, there is no better way to describe it!

Lavender Fields-A herbaceous lavender. 

Lavender Martini-Gin martini meets lavender.  It begins with top notes of tangy lemon zests, orange, and carbonation, spicy bergamot, mint, and lavender. A wonderful twist on a lavender scent!

Lemon Blueberry Zucchini Bread-The combination of sweet lemon and blueberries enhanced by the classic sweet bread spiced with cinnamon, sugar and nutmeg. This has already become a best seller right out of the gate!

Lemon Lavender Shortbread Cookies-With dazzling top notes of lemon zest, crushed lavender & sweet orange followed by rich maple butter, sugar crystals & vanilla extract & shortbread dough. EVERYONE who smelled this candle while it was being tested wanted to know when it would be available. It's THAT good!

Lemon Strawberry Jam Bread-Creamy lemon and strawberry jam mixed with the sweetness of delicious sweet bread... sure to be a favorite summer scent. 

Lilac Blossoms-Imagine a just picked bouquet of lilacs. This scent is just that! It was meant to be a springtime only scent but it's so wildly popular we brought it in to the line year round.

Lily of the Valley-Very fresh and green lily of the valley scent.

Monkey Farts-Bananas, grapefruit, kiwi, bubblegum, strawberries; and a hint of vanilla. A TOP SELLER! 

Mr. Right-A rugged masculine scent with the perfect balance of intense spices, leather and sweet mandarin, tobacco & musk.

Oatmeal Cookies-Delicious oatmeal, spicy clove and sweet cinnamon baked to perfection.

Orange Cupcake-The perfect creamy orange cake. Top Seller!

Peach Margarita-Peaches combined with sparkling notes of lime, lemon, and orange rinds.

Raspberry Sangria-Juicy red raspberries, cherries and grapefruit & sweet red wine & a hint of orange.

Red Velvet Cake Pops-That unmistakable scent of classic red velvet cake - you can even smell the cream cheese frosting!

Sage & Citrus Lemongrass-Sage mixed herbs with a bit of lemongrass to add a brightness to the scent.

Snickerdoodle Cookie-A sweet blend of vanilla, light butter & cinnamon sticks. 

Strawberry Rhubarb Jam-Sweet fresh strawberries mixed with sour rhubarb...oh what a combination for the senses!

Sweet Orange & Chili Pepper-Sweet oranges mixed with a bit of fiery red chili peppers.

Tired as a Mother-Lemongrass and clove surrounded by fresh citrus & soothing lavender and sheer woods with a lightly sugared musk.


Apple Fritter-Fried apple goodness fresh from the bakery.

Apples & Oak-A rustic, wood scent with notes of apples & oak. Reminiscent of bobbing for apples & jumping into a pile of leaves.

Autumn Spice-Throw a few logs on the fire, grab some apple cider and let the warm spices of Harvest fill the autumn air.

Cider Donut-Fried apple goodness fresh from the bakery.

Cranberry Orange Zucchini Muffins-The classic sweet bread spiced with cinnamon, sugar and nutmeg, enhanced with a bright cranberry and orange notes.

Cranberry Relish-Luscious blend of tart cranberries, spiced apples & orange peel. 

Give Thanks-Golden pumpkins, smooth vanilla & the perfect touch of warm spices.

Hello, Pumpkin-A warm blend of sweet cream, pumpkin puree, ground nutmeg, cinnamon stick, clove leaf, clove buds, vanilla sugar, molasses & hints of allspice.

Perfect Autumn Afternoon-Crisp falling leaves, sage & warm fall herbs with a pinch of fresh air thrown in for good measure. 

Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls-Freshly baked cinnamon rolls with a hint of fresh pumpkin.

Pumpkin Pie Shooters-A gourmet blend of fresh pumpkin & coconut infused with rich cassia & clove on a base of dark bourbon,  maple & toasted oak,

Pumpkin Spice Everything-A warm blend of pumpkin, cinnamon leaf, clove, buttercream, vanilla, sandalwood & warm amber.

Pumpkin Spice Latte-Sweet pumpkin pie blended with espresso is topped with the perfect touch of cinnamon and brown sugar.

Pumpkin Zucchini Bread-Fresh pumpkin mixed with the cinnamon and spices in zucchini bread. In it's inaugural year it has become the top selling Fall fragrance.


Candy Cane Forest-A bright & cool vanilla peppermint combined with a true spruce pine. It's been a top seller for years!

Candy Cane Wishes-A bright, cool vanilla peppermint. (formerly Santa's Candy Canes)

Christmas Tree Farm-A true pine scent, like walking through a pine forest. (formerly Little Fir Tree)

Cookies for Santa-A delicious sugar cookie scent, bursting with vanilla and frosting.

Comfort & Joy-A wonderful mix of peppermint, clove, nutmeg, cinnamon & vanilla.

Cranberry Forest-Spiced Cranberries with the right amount of Evergreen Pine.

Holiday Traditions-A blend of spruce, lightly sweetened bakery notes, cinnamon and candied fruits.

Jingle All The Way-Cinnamon, clove & danish with a hint of vanilla & nuts.

Just Believe-Bayberries, cranberries, apples with orange zest surrounded by the seasonal spices.

Merry & Bright-A holiday blend of crisp peppermint & berries, birch, citrus, cypress and tonka bean.

Peace on Earth-the nostalgic scent of holidays past; orange peels, lemons and apples surrounded by cinnamon bark, cloves & nutmeg finished with a light scent of pine.

Santa's Sleigh-A wonderful blend of bayberries & cranberries with a top note of freshly crushed cinnamon bark with hints of orange zest.

What the Elf?-Christmas morning breakfast in front of the Christmas tree. Warm pecan waffles with buttery vanilla topping surrounded by evergreen, kissed by berries and a sprinkle of spice.